After the first crossing over a bay, the path rises through a high valley. There’s a strong fall and then a gradual ascent. Finally, the path once again descends and moves out of the mountains. Here, it comes together with a rocky road and along the level roads which at the end take you to Sisimiut.

The last day is full of great panoramas. But since you are close to the sea, you may risk coming across different kind of weather. If you are here early in the year, there might be wet snow some places in this area which can be difficult to walk through. The hikers prefer mainly to walk quickly through this day and finish the hike, so they can enjoy “real” food in Sisimiut after all those days with hiking food. After having been in the wilderness in such long time, Sisimiut seems so full of activity and as a total surprise which takes some time to get used to. But the beautiful memories from the peaceful path is guaranteed to stay with you for a long time forward. Even after having returned to your own home.


20 KM


589 meter


702 meter.

If you start off today’s route from the Kangerluarsuq Tulleq hunter’s hut, you must first walk to the tourist cabin which is located at a higher height of about 125 m. above sea surface. From here you can take a path which moves towards a stream. Walk over the stream to get to the route a little further up the hill. There’s a cairn which indicates the route. Take a narrow and consecutive path which crosses over a slope above a bay. The route still has some climbs and falls plus bends. Walk over a small rocky gorge with a stream. A little time after his, you must hike uphill. Here you can see that you walk in the direction of a waterfall.

Below the waterfall is a small stream. Walk a little downhill to cross it and continue then rising uphill. Look out for cairns while slowly walking away from the stream. But also remember to look after a series of beautiful waterfalls higher up the slope. If you turn around and look towards the bottom of the bay, it rather looks like a lake surrounded by mountains. Rise further above and search for a boulder which rests on a prominent cliff. Remember to keep right in order to find more cairns. The path becomes flat but will stay swampy for some time.

Ascend further and search for a cairn in the horizon. You will walk on a low, rocky hill with a valley on each side. The inclination is moderate. Afterwards, the path takes you to an elevated valley called Qerrortusup Majoriaa. On your left side is a long and narrow lake at which you can see a yellow private cabin (The Sisimiut Snowmobile Association’s cabin). The path reaches 400 meters of height, and you will be able to see snow places close by even if you visit the place at the late Summer. In the front is the giant mountain chain of Nasaasaaqs in the middle of the valley. At this point of time, the town of Sisimiut isn’t visible, but the town is located further along the reach of this mountain chain.

The water from the lake runs into a valley with lots of rocky lakes and swampy moors where the lake ends. Luckily, the route runs next to it and is on dry, solid ground. Descend to cross a shallow, rock filled river. Continue over the valley in the direction towards a hole. At your left hand will be a small lake. You will walk along a wide, rocky area where the river runs in and out of shallow ponds with lots of cliffs.

The river then runs downhill and streams towards a rocky canyon. Walk through it and follow the cairns and then walk a little up. After this, you must hike down a steep inclination towards the mountains. A slope is reached, and the track becomes a little unclear. Search for a big rock with a mark on. It has a small pond on its right side. Follow the track which moves downhill and crosses a rocky, shallow river.

Then gradually walk uphill. At your left will be a small lake. Later you will se more small lakes at your right hand. The track comes to a sudden end at Alanngorsuaq. However, you will see a cairn downward and another one straight ahead. Go to the cairn straight forwards and then walk over a low rocky area. After that you must walk down a short, rocky slope. The water runs in the direction of a wide opening at Alanngorsuaq and the gigantic Kællingehætte (“Hag cowl”) which has snow on it all year round. At around 250 meters of height you will cross the rocky opening and here you might get a glimpse of the ocean.

Descend right and you will be able to see a couple of cottages and a ski lift. Continue down the hill ad you will immediately see the airport’s runway. But until this point you won’t be able to see the city. Remember to stay right of the valley. You need to cross a stream and climb a short distance and then walk down a slope marked by boulders. Notice that if you rise at this point as suggested by the cairns painted in blue, the route can be combined with climbing the Kællingehætte.

Suddenly, you will be able to see the Kangerluarsunnguaq Bay, a lake and finally the city of Sisimiut.

Follow the path downwards and then walk along the lake’s coastline while crossing slopes with granite boulder wrecks. Walk to the point there the lake ends and then walk past a small swamp to get to a wide bridge made of wood which has a lake on each side. You will arrive at a sandy car track which can take you directly to Sisimiut. The path moves around minor hills and slopes. Turn around to see the spectacular mountains. Listen to the howls and barks of the Greenlandic sledge dogs which welcomes you at Sisimiut. In order to get to the campsite, you must turn right and walk down the hill towards a toilet in a wood cabin. There’s no clear path to follow. If you are not headed to the campsite, you can just walk straight forward, and you will arrive at these blue buildings.

Here, you will arrive at a surface road and a bus stop. These are at the border of Sisimiut. Take the road with lights on the sideway. The name of this road is Aqqusinersuaq. That’s the main road that goes directly to the city of Sisimiut. On this way, you will pass Hotel Sisimiut and the Knud Rasmussenip højskolia.

You will come across the town before you see a series of companies on the way to the harbor. The hike along the Arctic Circle Trail officially ends when you arrive at the light and fascinating harbor.