Welcome to Sisimiut, ca.75 km. North of the Polar Circle.

The climate is arctic with temperatures as low as -35 degrees Celsius at Winter and up to +20 degrees Celsius during the Summer. It’s the most Nothern town of Greenland with a harbor free of ice during the winter and the most Southern one with dog sledge riding with real Greenlandic dogs.

Sisimiut has the ideal location for hiking, sailing and mountain bike at Summer and dog sledge and snowmobile riding in the Winter.

Are you an angler? There’s more than 35 trout rivers and lakes where you can enjoy the beautiful nature slow and silent.

The most important occupation is fishing, and several big cutters and small as well as big trawlers lies at the city’s harbor. The main catch is shrimps, salmon, Greenland halibut and codfish plus a considerable catch of seal, walrus, reindeer and musk ox.

The preserving factory which historically has both produced fish products and shrimps have through time been massively expanded and now produce shrimps and crabs. The production facility is now owned by Royal Greenland and it’s among the biggest in the country.

Ini A/S – a home ruled residence company, Pilersuisoq – a trade factory that’s also home ruled and Pisifiik – the biggest privately-owned detail company in Greenland – all three have their headquarters in the city which has created a lot of employment in the administration industry.


The earliest trades of human activity near Sisimiut are 4500 years old. They origin from the Saqqaq culture. A culture whose people lived in Greenland for 1800 years. After that the district was inhabited by people from the Dorset culture. This culture is normally divided in two time periods: Dorset I (500 b.c.-200 a.d.) and Dorset II. The people of the Thule culture – the ancestors of Sisimiut’s contemporary citizens – arrived around year 1200-1300. Like the previous emigrants, they came from Northern America.

Their economy was mainly based on catching whales, seals and reindeer. Especially the seal was crucial for their survival in the arctic nature. Besides the nutritious meat, did they use the skin to produce clothing and covers to kayaks and women’s boats. Moreover, the blubber of the seal was used as fuel for lamps that gave both light and heat.


The location of Sisimiut makes it ideal for an active holiday. As soon as the snow and ice conditions allow it and until the end of April, it’s possible to experience the unique nature both from dog sledge and snowmobile. There are also great possibilities for skiing. The city really has some good facilities for cross-country skiing and a ski lift located 6,5 km outside of the city in a very beautiful area with tall mountains. Sisimiut is annually host of the Arctic Circle Race – the hardest skiing contest in the World.


Summer is the time for hikers and nature lovers. So different from the snow and ice of the winter are the flora of the summer– the most wonderful flowers, red, yellow, blue and white, grass and leaves. The sun is shining all the time – midnight sun. There are many lovely hiking routes around the city or to/from Kangerlussuaq to look forward to.

Summer is also the time of the year where people sail a lot, and trips varying from a few hours to a whole day are arranged. I can strongly recommend a trip to one of the villages with a three hour stay and coffee visit at the home of one of the villagers. Likewise, a combined hiking and sailing trip to the tourist cottage in the very beautifully located Kangerluarsuk Tulleq (first bay) is an ideal possibility to relax. Night sailing with the possibility of whale safari is a great chance to experience the area of Sisimiut plus sailing from Kangerlussuaq with the chance to see musk oxen.

The Stone Mason Project

In the fall of 2002 15 participants from all of Greenland ended their stone mason course at Knud Rasmussenop Højskolia. The purpose of this was culture conservation, instruction of talented stone masons and to use Greenland’s great stone resource. The inspiration comes from Qaqortoq which has its own “Stone and human” exhibition from Northern and Greenlandic sculptors all over the city.

The result of the stone mason project can be seen around Sisimiut.