This is mainly a low intensity walk through a valley. However, the route requires you to cross rivers and pass through sections of thick willow bushes and moist swamp areas. If the weather is bad, this can be exhausting. By the end of the day you can either walk straight ahead to a hunting lodge or rise to get to another tourist cabin.

If you look at the map, it seems to be an easy walk, and if the weather is nice, there are no problems as such. However, if it’s a rainy day, you can walk through the dense willow bushes. At warmer weather – when the ice is melting or after strong precipitation – a crossing of the three rivers can be problematic. If you visit the place just after a dry period, it’s easy to cross the river by jumping over the rocks without getting wet. When the hike of the day is finished, you can choose to live in whichever of the two cabins available. One is located close to the river Kangerluarsuk Tulleq, and the other one is placed after a little climb up the hill. The latter is the tourist cabin, while the first one is a hunter’s hut.


17 KM


226 meter


262 meter.

Walk from the Nerumaq Cabin and cross the river close by. Most times you can do this by jumping over the rocks. Walk along the river. If you turn around, you can see the valley and the sharp mountains. The path continues by passing along more big cliffs and then arrive at an extremely wet and swampy area. When you have crossed this area, you must be sure to return to the path as there is a wide slope of dense willow on the path.

When you hike through the willow threes, you must walk slow and carefully. Be aware of the narrowed rocky paths and notice the jumping and smooth sticks on the ground when you walk ahead. Be equally aware of cairns, especially the most noticeable since these will help you keep track of the general direction. For the most part of the route, the path is a little away from the river, and if you lose it, it can be hard to come back on it.

Finally, the path moves towards the river. Here’s a stone circle which makes out the perfect point to cross the river. Directly after, the river flows into a rocky gorge. At times when the river stream is lesser, it might be possible to cross the river by jumping over the rocks within. The path continues by a stream with a stone slope which has sand and gravel on it on the one side and the river on the other. A little further down the path, you will see cairns telling you the location of another passageway. Like the previous, this can also be crossed by jumping over the cliffs that reach up from the river.

Follow the path downhill, while it moves gradually away from the river. At times, it’s placed above the wide stream. According to the map, the path rises over an outflow at around 100 meters of height. However, the path that are being stamped over by hikers moves along the river. The fact that his route is so trampled down shows that hikers will rather walk on this one than the one on the map. Those who choose to follow the route entirely will see a cairn that indicate the track even though the path isn’t visible at all.

You will see that the remaining valley has the wettest and most muddy ground with some dry areas of willow and birch earth. It’s best to stay on the path where it’s visible. When it disappears, then try to find it quickly again and get back on it. You will pass small rivers now and then. Sharp and clear hills reach towards the top of Qaarajuttoq. When the track gets close towards a lake, the route moves along the coast or even along the sand and gravel coast. A certain river might run inwards and is quite deep. If you walk a little up the stream to walk around a deep pond, you can easily jump over the stream.

Continue by hiking along the coast of the lake. You can choose between two paths. If you choose to follow the lake’s coast, it will take you along a streaming river which will soon run out into the sea at the bay of Kangerluarsuk Tulleq. You will be able to see a hunter’s hut at the bay.

On the other hand, if you follow the route, it ascends. At first, there’s no clear indication of the route, but after a while you will see a small trampled down path. Look out for cairns that indicate walking across a big mountain top at around 100 meters of height. Look North over the bay to see the ice-covered tops of Aqqutikitsoq. Be aware of markers since the path isn’t very clear.

You will be able to see the cabin far in the distance. Both walking directly towards it would involve stepping into the moor filled area around it. Instead you must follow the cairns that show the path until you almost cross the cottage. At this point of time you walk back and walk down on a dry and solid road which will take you directly to the cabin. If you look down at the bay from here, you will be able to see some other small cabins.

Kangerluarsuk Tulleq Hut