Despite its small size, Kangerlussuaq has an international airport which is the central point for Air Greenland’s planes that are flying all over the country.

Here is a lot of tourist providers. One-day-trips to the Inland Ice, hiking trips, musk ox safari, the good restaurant “Roklubben” (“The Rowing Club”), a small museum about the military base and much more. If you are here to hike, you can start your hike here or be driven the first 10 km past the harbor. You can also go on the trip to the Inland Ice which takes around four-five hours.

There’s a restaurant, a bar and a café in the airport terminal. Just outside of the terminal on the other side of the way, there’s a post office called Tele-Post Center. Nearby is the Pilersuisoq Supermarket where they also sell fuels for gas burners.

There are two possibilities for accommodation near the airport. The first is the Kangerlussuaq Hotel which is inside of the terminal in the airport. The other one is Polar Lodge which is within walking distance. A little farther away from the airport are more accommodation possibilities, amongst others a youth hostel on the other side of the track seen from the terminal, and the Old Camp which is facing the harbor.

You can eat in the cafeteria in the terminal, but Roklubben, which is placed along the Lake Ferguson, is a famous restaurant. It is a popular choice among those that wish to try the local food. Lake Ferguson lies just five km outside of Kangerlussuaq. You just have to get out on the gravel road which connects the city with the lake and restaurant. You can either walk or take a cab. At the map on the right side, you can see the different places.

There’s a stable bus connection between the two parts of Kangerlussuaq, known as the Kangerlussuaq City Bus. Its route is available on the bus stops.

A faster way to reach one part of Kangerlussuaq from another is to take a cab. In order to get a cab, this is the phone number to use: 84 12 26. You can also hail a cab along the gravel road.

There are regular flight departures with Air Greenland between Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut. Normally two planes take off daily. You can also travel with planes from Kangerlussuaq to other parts of Greenland. Flight schedules, routes and prices can be found in the airport.