The route generally consists of a crinkled path with to prominent ascends and descends. A series of lakes surrounds this route and joins the two big lakes.

Arctic Circle Trail has now seriously begun. The hikers know what to expect and how to search for road signs while walking on narrow or broad paths that changes between being stony, solid or made of moor mud. The path is surrounded by numerous low hills while you walk in a height of 350 m. Several small lakes will be passed on this route. The path takes its beginning next to a lake and is equally finishing next to another lake, Amitsorsuaq.


20 KM


238 meter


310 meter.

Begin your trip to Hundesø from the caravan. You will notice fields of exposed earth covered with salt on a dry day. Walk along the coast on the left side to find green algae circulating in the saltwater. The lake Brayasø is just barely visible from here. Hundesø is divided from it due to the gradual ascent. Look after landmarks that indicate a left turn. The path rises a little from the coast of Hundesø.

Follow a gradually downhill path to arrive at a small estuary at Hundesø. From here you can walk to the adjacent lake called Limnæsø. The track is ascending slowly in the beginning and sloping gradually in the end while at all the time keeping its distance from the coast. As with yesterday’s route, on a dry day you will find places with exposed earth covered by salt. There’s a small lake at you right hand, and the path rises a little. Now, go through a broad opening on about 200 m. and then pass a very stony piece of land near a big lake. After the saltwater lakes of Tarajornitsut it feels good to reach this freshwater lake.

Turn right and experience the first real ascent today. This rise equals out after you pass an opening. The landmarks that mark the Arctic Circle Trail continues with the ascent. However, there are no paths to connect them. It looks like hikers leave the place by passing through an opening to then hike to another lake before they meet the same marked path by walking up the hill.

At around 300 meters of height is a noticeable cairn. A small island is a lake is visible ahead. You must stay on the slope. The path at this part of the route isn’t very clear. At times it disappears totally. Just continue finding the path or walk determined towards the next cairn. Far away you can see a group of noticeable arched hills. You will arrive at these hills at the end of the day. Afterwards, the path crosses a couple of small lakes of which the most are round. If it’s a clear day, you can get a glimpse of the top of Pingu in the distance. The mountain will become more visible the next couple of days.

In the beginning, the path crinkles a bit and after that it slopes drastically until you come to a small and flat place surrounded by two lakes. You will find this area indicated as a camp site on the map. The lake which is on you right hand is known as Qarlissuit. You will se this lake several times during the day. You will cross a small and shallow river between these lakes. The water level is only knee deep. At times it can be crossed by stepping on the cliffs in it.

When you have crossed the river, you need to walk a short distance with a sharp rise while keeping left of a small hill. Move down towards a hole with a small bulge on it. The two lakes can be seen on both sides. For the second time today, you need to walk up a really steep climb. The path will then reach the hemisphere formed hills which was visible earlier. When you get over a hill plus a climb at around 350 m., it’s the last chance to turn around and see the ice in the horizon.

From here on, the path crosses a stony mountain top that provides a view over two small ponds. Move downwards and cross a slope. On your right hand, you will see Qarlissuit and further past it, Amitsorsuaq will be visible. Walk upwards again while keeping to the right when the path yet agai descends. This will take you to the Qarlissuit Coast where you at a distance of 230 m. will find a beach. There’s also an extra path which comes up next to a curled treetop. However, this track is hard to take because the route later becomes tough.

Continue straight ahead while moving along the lake’s coast. Walk downhill at the path where rush try to confuse you. Stay clear off a low gorge with stones. The path then turns left and has an irregular rise and a moraine where you cross a cairn. Under this point you can see a cottage between a small curvy lake and a greater lake, Amitsorsuaq. Stay left of the little curvy lake to get to the Kattifik Cottage about 120 m. further ahead.

Katiffik Hut