Ultimate hiking tour in Greenland


0 km.

From the ice sheet

0 km.


0 m.


0 m.
  • Indlandis


    From Ice sheet37 km.
    From Russel25 km.

  • Hundesø


    Length25 km.
    Climbing425 m.
    Decline328 m.

  • Qarlissuit


    Length20 Km.
    Climbing238 m.
    Decline310 m.

  • Amitsorsuaq


    Length20 Km.
    Climbing350 m.
    Decline350 m.

  • Tasersuaq


    Length22 Km.
    Climbing454 m.
    Decline224 m.

  • Oles Lakse elv


    Length11 Km.
    Climbing208 m.
    Decline383 m.

  • Eqalugaarniarfik


    Length19 Km.
    Climbing437 m.
    Decline303 m.

  • Nerumaq


    Length16 Km.
    Climbing329 m.
    Decline440 m.

  • Nerumaq


    Length17 Km.
    Climbing226 m.
    Decline262 m.

  • Sisimiut


    Length20 Km.
    Climbing589 m.
    Decline702 m.

Useful information


rød Winter - The route is only accessible to snowmobiles or ski tourists. Short days, very cold, but the northern lights are visible.
grøn Hiking Season - The midnight sun means long walking days, but temperatures can fluctuate and flies and mosquitoes can be a problem during the day.
blå Shoulder Month - A good time to avoid the majority of walkers and the biting bugs. But it can be cold at night.

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  • Health and safety

    In the summer (hiking season) the weather can change quickly, so bring both sunscreen and insect repellent.
    Polar bears are not usually seen this far south, but be very careful when crossing rivers. Loosen the hip belt on your backpack and remove one shoulder in case you need to drop it quickly. Use walking poles to cross; wearing a pair of Crocs or water shoes can help.

  • Get there

    To fly to Greenland, you must either via Denmark or Iceland. Be warned that flights in and out of Sisimiut may be canceled and delayed if the weather is bad. Flights to and from Kangerlussuaq are more reliable.

  • Get around

    There are no roads from Sisimiut or Kangerlussuaq, so there is no point in renting a car. Supermarkets and museums within walking distance.
    For the ice cap in Kangerlussuaq, it is recommended to go on an organized tour as it is on a gravel road and special vehicles are required.

  • Hike the route

    The Arctic Circle Trail takes eight to ten days to hike. It is beautiful, but wild and remote. There are red semi-circle markers on cairns to help guide you, but you should bring a map as confusion is possible in places, especially in bad weather.
    Be sure to tell someone in charge when you expect to arrive in Sisimiut or Kangerlussuaq so they can raise the alarm if you don't show up - you might consider renting a satellite phone as extra security or an emergency locator. It is also recommended that you write in the books in the cabins so that there is a dated record of your whereabouts.
    Be prepared that if the weather changes it may be a good idea to wait for better weather in one of the cabins, so always bring more food than you need and include a few extra rest days in your plan.

  • Accommodation

    In Kangerlussuaq, Hotel Kangerlussuaq, located on the 1st floor of the terminal, is an easy choice. There is also Polar Logde, Old Camp and Vandrehjemmet. Camping is also a cheap option.
    All cabins (not privately owned) on the route are free to use, but you must be self-sufficient and take a tent if there is no room. Some have toilets; others don't, so you'll have to dig a hole and follow the 'Leave No Trace' rules.
    In Sisimiut near the harbor there is the Sailor's Home, which also has a cafeteria on site for dinner and breakfast. In addition to that, you have Hotel Sisimiut and the Hostel.

  • Food and beverage

    Limited - and expensive - supplies can be bought in Kangerlussuaq, so bring your own camping meals and snacks. For camping stove fuel, don't assume you can find what you want. All food is flown in, so expect frozen meals reheated, hot dogs and some fish.

  • Maj og Juni

    The month of May will certainly have snow on part of the route. June can have snow on the route close to Sisimiut. Therefore, it can be a wet pastime to go hiking in these months.

  • Midnight Sun

    There is midnight sun in summer (from the beginning of June to mid-July), and in winter it is dark almost 24 hours a day. However, not decidedly dark time, when the sun does not reach the horizon, as further north in Greenland.

  • Communication

    There is no mobile coverage during the trip. Therefore, we would not advise anyone to go on the trip without a satellite phone or at least an emergency transmitter of some kind.

  • Charging mobile, gps and other

    It is possible to charge mobile phones, satellite phones or GPS in the canoe center cabin. It is general. socket (Schuko plug), and not usb.

Population: 56.562 (1.1.2022)
Population density: 0.026/km2

northern Light

Natural landscape from another world

Ice and Snow

Get up close to a strange kingdom of ice and snow

The Land of Man

The Greenlanders call their country the "Land of Men"

ATV Track

ATV Spor

Red route is the normal ACT route. Blue route is the southern route. Green route is the ATV track.

The ATV trail runs north of the ACT for most of the route. If you want to hike most of the route outside the ATV track, you can take the southern route from the Eqalugaarniarfik hut.